The need of a place for creativity and interpretation of Tango from the perspective, thoughts and the action of a group of young musicians of Rosario city marks the start of Orquesta Utópica in the middle of 2014.

Being self-managed and cooperative, this orchestra centers its development around three fundamentals subjects:

1) The territory: our whole repertoire is integrated by compositions of local authors from Rosario and other places in Santa Fe province.

2) Relevance of the repertoire: these authors are currently in activity, producing new tangos, milongas and valses.

3) The dance: the tango, probably from the begining, has developed as a dance, as well as poetry and music. Taking that relation into account, that point of contact among the three, is that Orquesta Utópica offers a dancing repertoire.

Orquesta Utópica, as a tipica orchestra, has 3 bandoneons, 4 violins, viola, violoncello, electric guitar, piano and double bass, Orquesta Utópica takes the challenge of making sure the present and the future of a popular and milonguero New Tango.